A kitchen renovation can be a great way to breathe new life into a home. Whether you plan to live there or to sell, a new kitchen layout or design can be a great idea. However, if you’re on a budget, you need to watch yourself. You can easily spend too much if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Well, here are some ideas for budget kitchen renovations Perth.

If you’re looking for nice accents – copper, for example – without paying top dollar, consider an alternative called laminate.

Laminate can come in metallic looks, which mimic the real thing. These can help give you the look you want without costing as much. You can even add tiles to support it. Don’t get actual copper tile, but just have copper-coloured foil wrapped over cheaper white porcelain.

You can get the right look, but with a lower cost. The best part is that most people will never notice the difference.

You can also cut costs through DIY.

If you know your way around carpentry, you can tweak your budget kitchen renovations Perth by doing your own cabinets. With some wood flooring and stainless-steel sheets, you can build your own cabinets. Use plumbing pipes form any hardware store as handles.

This can be a fun project, though we only advise it if you have the time to handle all of this yourself. Still, there’s nothing quite like adding your own touch by making it with your hands.

If you want granite countertops but don’t want the cost, use concrete. You can buy some concrete and pour them into the right forms. A little work to smooth them out and you have faux-granite.

Try poking around restaurant salvage.

Some restaurants sell their equipment at a lower cost when they close or renovate. You can get a great deal on things like counters, kitchen islands, or even some appliances. As long as you can find what fits, you can cut that out of your budget.

Flooring works as a countertop substitute, too.

Floor tiles are meant to be hard to stain, durable, and look great. If you’re looking for durable but smooth counters, floor materials could be a great choice. Linoleum is the best choice here, as it provides the durability that it needs but is also smooth enough to impress.

Finally, there’s one of the oldest methods of getting budget kitchen renovations Perth. Do you own demolition.

Tear down your own walls and islands. Remove old, busted cabinets and the like. If you know what you’re doing, you can cut out a huge part of the price.

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