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What’s an alfresco and what does it have to do with the best kitchen designs?

An alfresco kitchen is a design choice that takes advantage of Perth’s climate. In Perth, you have the choice to entertain outside no matter the season. The next step from that is to cook food while in the outdoors.

In the past, even the best kitchen designs were limited. Stainless steel was expensive, and not everyone wanted brick or stone. Even if they were okay with brick or masonry, there was little practical benefit or storage space.

These no longer limit alfresco kitchens. Modern materials have changed the game.

Acrylic, compact laminate, and even heat-rated engineered stone have all allowed for more choices. With modern technology and materials, you can have an alfresco kitchen and entertain in the outdoors without giving up the conveniences of indoor kitchens.

The use of modern materials opens up the same benefits for the outdoors that the indoors provide. This development means things like discreet storage space, resistance to temperature extremes, and ease of cleaning.

Of course, the right doors are also good. Most kitchens use polytec doors, giving them better resistance against the wind and rain.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out our kitchen warehouse Perth and see what can be done! We do alfresco kitchen designs, helping you get the best – in or out of the home.

Check out our gallery and materials. You’ll find classy designs and excellent choices, whether you want to entertain in or out of your home.

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