When getting a kitchen renovated, one of the challenges is related to the appliances. You want to know what models would be good for your needs. You need to consider what brands work best. Some of them are great, some of them are specialized, and some are luxurious.

So before you dip into a luxury renovation, ask yourself: just what brands should you choose?

Viking is one of the oldest companies making professional kitchen appliances. They’re not prone to offering a lot of colours, but their models are robust, of excellent quality, and reliable in the long run.

However, service issues have plagued them from time to time. Refrigerators and dishwashers from them tend to have a bad reputation. When all you want are appliances for cooking tasks, Viking is still a solid choice.

Thermador is known for innovation, a willingness to embrace technology or try new things. When they were purchased by Bosch in the late 90s, it added a layer of reliability to basic functions that have proven essential to their lines.

Integrated refrigerators are among their best products. However, they also boast professional-level ranges, wall ovens, and induction systems. They’re also delving into steam technology. Their refrigeration systems, in general, are solid, robust devices that can last years.

Of the big brands, Thermidor is also among the more affordable.

Another excellent choice is Gaggenau. Despite being owned by Bosch as well, their marketing and design have focused on integrating the latest technologies. Their overall designs and aesthetics are also more stylish than Thermidor’s, with a more pleasing visual look.

Gaggenau is known for its versatility, particularly in its line of convection steam ovens. They also have a beautiful full-surface induction cooktop that can cover tasks normally handled only by ranges. The ventilation systems are also distinctive and effective.

If you want the best in refrigeration, you want a Sub-Zero. Of course, with a name like that, you’d probably demand excellence in keeping things cold.

A Sub-Zero boasts a powerful package of two-compressor performance, vacuum sealing, air scrubbing, and water purification in a single package. All of this helps keep food fresher for longer periods, making them the best choice in the market for this task.

Sub-Zero outperforms most other brands in other areas, but only by a small margin. A focus of their design is the use of intuitive instructions and panels, so people can figure out what their stuff does at a glance.

Refrigeration is their best, but the cooking isn’t bad either. However, be aware that this quality does come with an equally impressive price tag.

Finally, if you want the all-around best and aren’t afraid to spend the kind of money needed to get that, you go with La Cornue. Between their custom ranges, cooktops, and other options, you are looking at the perfect storm of customization, power, and reliability.

But, as we mentioned, La Cornue is expensive. You’re shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for these, so you’d better be the sort who will make the most of everything they offer.

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