Storage is always going to be at a premium in most kitchens. The smaller they are, the more valuable storage space becomes. It’s why cabinetry is always an important feature in this space. However, not everyone knows how to best maximize limited space in an even tighter kitchen area.

Well, here’s some advice on how to add some character cabinets and storage areas.

Keeping a small kitchen space organized is a challenge. However, there are more than a few ways to make things easier. First, let’s look at using vertical space.

When people say a lack of space, it’s usually horizontal. Consider the vertical. Cabinet and drawer space is limited sideways, but going up is a different matter.

Pierced corbels can help make a hanging kitchen, with utensils on display. Keep things that would otherwise waste drawer space hanging, too. Glass-mounted cabinet doors are a great way to handle this too.

You’ll also need to optimize your pantry. Use open shelving.

Open shelves have a few advantages. First, they’re a hot kitchen trend. The second is that they give the feeling of openness in a cramped space. If you can find an all-in-one cabinet solution with pull-out drawers, that helps out too. It also keeps all the essentials in one spot.

You could get crafty and make your food storage clear containers.

Clear containers are great for small spaces because you can visually identify things. It makes for quick and easy moving as you work around. You don’t need to rummage through clutter or cramped spaces. If you add labels, you speed up the process more.

Unused space is something you honestly can’t afford. In cramped conditions, making use of every bit of emptiness is wasted. Use things like a tilt-down drawer at the sink, for instance. Your space is valuable, so make the most of every bit.

Light colours are probably a good idea. They help promote the feeling of having more space. Whites and greys are good ideas, but they might seem a little dull. Bright greens and yellows might help, but you’ll need to be careful about balancing things out.

Look to your closet. Tackle it.

Keep utility containment tidy. Don’t let things like brooms, dustpans, and mops take over space. Wall hangers should be kept far away, too. Don’t push it and keep organized. Don’t let anything that’s not supposed to be part of the kitchen infiltrate the space, unless you have no other choice.

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