So let’s assume your home is normal, which means it has a kitchen. Otherwise, you probably don’t have much business looking into kitchen renovations Perth. You have a kitchen. You clearly are thinking that maybe it’s time to remodel or renovate.

Then your mind hits a snag. You’re not sure where to go from there. You have a course of action, but you don’t have a reason for it. Like a rebel without a cause, you’re this leaves you a bit adrift.

Well, you’ll want to check the layout first. Is it any good or does it need work?

Layout issues can make cooking much harder or more of a nuisance than it should be. If your kitchen layout is slowing you down or hurting you, it’s time to throw it out and renovate. The distance between the core three parts of a kitchen – the stove, the fridge, and the sink – should be as small as possible.

As a bonus, you should consider this small rule. The fridge should be as close to the door as possible, but without getting in the flow of traffic.

When renovating, you need to consider for a moment. Think about when the right time is to splurge.

Backsplash and cabinetry are the best choices if you’re looking to spend money on the visual real estate of your kitchen. In fact, almost every designer in the world would want people to splurge on the backsplash because they’re a good way to express personal style and aesthetics.

Countertops and cabinets can do the same thing, of course. However, they’re not as visible. This means that unless you entertain guests in the kitchen, they probably won’t be as important to spend on.

Another thing to look into would be height. Low ceilings aren’t exactly the best features for a kitchen. A part of this would be stacked upper cabinets, which allows for more storage.

As a side benefit, you also have the feeling of greater space.

In the opposite direction, there’s the flooring that needs to be considered too.

Wooden floors are a good idea, but faux reigns as king when it comes to kitchen floors. Ceramic tiles, faux wood, and the like are your best choices.

Details shouldn’t be neglected! Hardware should be treated like a woman’s earrings. They deliver a huge impact if you’re doing it right. You can upscale or step down as much as you like, adding elegance or going for a rougher and more rustic feel.

Light things up! Lighting is one of the best ways to add the feel of greater space in the kitchen.

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