Looking to update your kitchen? Look no further! We’re here to give you the latest trends in how to revitalise your home kitchen.

The first kitchen renovations Perth trend we’re looking into is what is known as the smart kitchen.

This is what you get when all your stuff in there is cutting edge. You’ve got coffee machines that remember when you came home, so they can brew a cup extra strong. You can have sinks that are motion-sensitive, able to detect your hands.

Smart kitchens are futuristic and elegant, and a great way to add convenience to your cooking.

Streamlining is also a big thing for kitchen renovations Perth. They’re great for stress-free cooking.

Gone are the days when big and space-devouring things were familiar. You’re looking at sleeker designs that make the most of small space. You’re getting unnecessary flourishes being removed in favour of more efficient looks and a crisp, smooth appearance.

Quartz is still the material of choice for stylish remodels. If you’re looking to make your kitchen chic and trendy, you can’t go wrong with quartz.

Cabinets are also starting to change. You’re no longer looking at just raw space. Now you want them to be efficient in using that space, rather than just having a lot of it. This means better organisation and the ability to slide them out of the way when not needed.

Regarding colour, 2018 appears to be the year of kitchens with dark colours and grey tones. Note that this applies only to appliances. The rest of the kitchen can be any colour you like to match whatever your sense of aesthetics. Though don’t let the hardware stand out too much!

For flooring, you’re looking at two competing trends. Going with either one can be a great move.

On one side, hardwood is still reigning supreme in the market. Dislodging it is hard. On the other hand, tiled floors are catching up. Which of the two will be king by the end of the year? No one can predict right now.

Kitchen islands are starting to consolidate. Most of them these days are single-island designs, where all the usual features are centred in one spot. They’re a jack of all trades in design, rather than being a specialist in this function or that.

More and more kitchens are also welcoming the integration of pet-friendly spaces. A feeding station, for example, is a pretty simple addition for four-legged loved one.

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