Kitchens are often the nerve centre of a home. They act like a place for entertaining guests, where the food is prepared, and where meals are eaten. If not meals, then light snacks. The kitchen has become one of the most important parts of the house.

It should come as no surprise, then, that luxury kitchens are emerging. Luxury kitchens Perth aren’t about things that glitter that gold or plush Corinthian leather everywhere. There are certain elements that go hand in hand with luxury design for something as crucial as the kitchen.

Some of the core elements are the use of the best materials possible, planning out space, the latest in technologies, lighting, and appliances. The luxury world spares no expense on buying the finest, highest-quality available.

Space is important. You need to plan thoughtfully.

A kitchen is a hard-working space that needs to combine form and function. Consider how it’s used, how your workflow is, and what’s going in there. Think about the holidays or the parties that you’ll host, how the flow of people coming in and out will be like. Then consider what the kitchen does.

For luxury, explore one of two avenues. You can go with the traditional, picking the best possible from old materials. Or you can look at the new. Whatever you do, don’t go with something trendy.

Luxury is all about lasting longer, being expensive but good enough to be worth more than the price it commands. Source the latest and greatest, or go with what’s known to last and look good doing it.

Another angle to take would the one-two punch of being energy efficient and well-lit.

Energy-efficient appliances are important but go further. Look for effective HVAC systems, lighting options, water heating installations, and even insulation. The savings in cost lets you splurge on other things without sacrificing any luxury, utility, or functionality.

Yes, a kitchen has to be well-lit. Consider good window placement for ambient lighting, making sure it’s comfortable and pleasing. Any artificial lighting should just cover what natural light doesn’t, or complement the décor.

Appliances are also crucial. High-end appliances will have proper temperature controls, for all those precision tasks involved in gourmet cooking, baking, and cooling. They also have a whole host of other useful features.

Finally, for luxury kitchens, you have to consider the look.

There are many styles of the kitchen out there, but some feel more luxurious than others. The sleek modern style or the classic style are both good choices.

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