Beauty and practicality are the two crucial elements of remodelling a kitchen. This is a simple fact of the design and the nature of the room. It not only has to be a place that’s lovely and relaxing but also where you can get the work done.

Well, we can help with that. Straight from the minds of our design team, we’re here with things you should keep in mind when doing kitchen renovations Perth.

First, keep in mind the importance of the kitchen work triangle. The corners of this are cooking, cleaning, and food storage.

These task areas should all be within the kitchen. Ideally, they should also be within arm’s reach of each other, or only a few steps away. They also need to be arranged in a logical manner, one determined by how you like your work to flow.

Design the relations between these three in a logical manner. If you don’t, the geometry is off and the function suffers as a result.

Remember the workflow. While there are variations to it according to personal taste and style, there are some universal considerations. Namely, there is a sequence.

The food and supplies enter the kitchen space from wherever they are stored. You’ll then select from these and prepare them in a central area, so things aren’t scattered around. Once that’s done, cooking begins – usually in an area nearby. From there, it is plated and the utensils cleaned.

The flow needs adequate clearance. Traffic needs to be able to circulate from one point to another smoothly, letting you move around but not through the relevant areas.

The economy of movement is also a big deal. In fact, it’s often the main consideration of designers.

For those who aren’t sure what that means, it’s the principle that any shift from one task to another or one area to another should be minimal. These places should be close enough that you can get away with very little movement in position but still flow from task to task.

The better a layout of the kitchen, the smoother things are in function. You eliminate unnecessary effort through better organization and positioning. This sort of beauty and efficiency combined is known as “economy,” and is based on achieving maximum results with minimal effort.

This is crucial to any kitchen design. It helps to make sure that the function and the form are in harmony, rather than clashing against each other.

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