When you mention the Mediterranean, it brings up a certain image. You think of sunny days, beaches of white sand, warm weather, and impeccable cuisine. The magic of it all is something that can lend itself to a comfortable, cosy style of kitchen.

The region’s diversity is a major part of why it’s kitchen style is so unique. It displays the richness and warmth of a blending of so many cultures.

Warm hues, earthen tones are important. These are integral to the look.

Warm colour palettes are typical of the region, and they inspire the style. Drape things in cream or a rich yellow, or maybe some other sunny colour. These make it look elegant and appealing at the same time. This is a lot easier for traditional or rustic kitchens, while contemporary ones might have trouble.

Keep things fluid. Tuscany and Spain both left their mark on the Mediterranean kitchen by infusing it with all sorts of curves. These are an integral part of the style, stepping away from the straight line and walking right into geometric forms and fluid shapes.

Cabinet handles, for instance, often have curves. Sensuous twists and turns are typical and give a sense of timelessness to it all. A curved kitchen island is also a good idea, adding a touch of vintage style. Apply the same to faucets and handles to complete the overall aesthetic.

Wrought iron is also a fairly typical touch of Mediterranean kitchen designs Perth.

You’re not likely to find a Mediterranean kitchen without a wrought iron pattern. Engraved crests or other details are often metallic and tend to have a period look. Large chandeliers and beautiful designs on the cabinet doors are there, too. They add a touch of rustic charm and complement everything else.

Look up! The ceiling will often rely on dark wooden surfaces, functioning as a punctuation mark on the whole look.

Exposed ceiling beams are also common sights. They often do double duty as accents alongside wooden cabinets, especially if the hues are similar. A vaulted ceiling combos well too.

Of course, the tiles must be painted by hand! Earthy tones go along with hand-painted mosaic tiles for the walls, floor, and backsplash. The result is an authentic look with ornate patterns and prints, adding a clear charm that speaks of the region the style inspired.

Just be careful not to go over the top, which is a little easy to do with these options. And make sure it all falls under great lighting.

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