Open-plan kitchens are becoming more popular these days. They do have a few excellent features that make it easy to see why people love the trend.

For starters, they’re a one-stop shop for people to gather. You can cook, eat, and relax in a single versatile space. It allows the kitchen to become a nerve centre of the home, promoting family togetherness or entertaining guests with minimal hassle. However, this needs a better space.

If your kitchen designs Perth isn’t very appealing, lacks functionality, or just poorly designed, the open design won’t really do much. So here are all the ways that you can make sure the interior is living up to your expectations.

First, look at the heating and ventilation. A good extractor fan is important because it means the people in the living area won’t be hit by the smells coming from the kitchen. You’ll also want the heating or climate control distributed evenly. Make sure it’s dead centre.

Keep the living area streamline.

Opt for a smaller sofa. Maybe go with armchairs instead. You want a footprint that stylish but small, so space is more open to traffic and movement.

Remove clutter, because having that negates the whole open space plan you have going. This can be tricky in a kitchen and living space combo. The easiest way is to integrate the appliances, hiding them behind a bank of sleek doors to keep things looking orderly and neat.

In terms of function, you’ll want to be able to work from end to end without hassle. Place the kitchen on one end, the living area on the other. This creates a transitional layout that makes the most of the space. The flow is improved.

Keep the colours harmonic and complementary. You don’t want a red kitchen clashing with a blue living area. Actually, it’s unlikely you want a red kitchen at all.

Use colours to unify the two spaces. Find colours that complement one another for furniture, while using a unified scheme for the walls.

Zone off some areas, too. This can help give each space its own separate identity.

Yes, the point of an open kitchen is for it to be seamless. However, seamless doesn’t mean that it all bleeds together into a single morass. You can use things like rugs or a change in flooring, or even kitchen worktops, to mark areas or transition spaces. This helps to keep moving in the right places.

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