It’s no secret that the kitchen sink can act as the central point of a kitchen. Every kitchen needs one, and some might need a second to go along with it. When considering kitchen designs Perth, it pays to take a moment and consider the kitchen.

Getting the right sink and faucet is important. As a central point of the whole room, it has to be functional and fit with your overall design. Anything less is problematic.

When choosing the sink, it’s important to emphasize three things. The installation type of the sink, the configuration, and the material. Each one has its own smaller considerations that should be kept in mind.

Three Things to Consider

For installation types, we have the drop-in, the flush mount, and the undermount.

A drop-in sink is the easiest to install, made to fit into an area of the countertop that’s been cut out. However, you’re trading ease of installation for the risk of liquids and food materials seeping into the sink right from the counters as you clean.

A flush mount is also known as a solid surface sink. This is glued to the underside of the counters, with smoothened joints. You’ll usually find a grout line between the edge of the sink and the tiles.

The undermount installation is attached under the counters. They’ll usually hang from the underside or have their own support structure.

When it comes to sinks, configuration speaks of attributes like the bowls, corners, and faucet holes. Size and configuration both play into the utility of a sink, both on its own and as part of the whole kitchen. You also want to select a design that suits the size of your space.

Finally, you need to take a moment to consider materials. What is the sink made of? Some materials have features that can be useful or appealing, depending on what you want.

Fireclay is low maintenance and comes in various colours. It’s tougher than porcelain, but it’s also a little expensive. Porcelain is low-cost, but if your kitchen is heavy duty, pick something else.

Stainless steel is also an economical choice and low maintenance. However, they’re also at risk of dents and scratches. Other metals, like copper and bronze, tend to be higher maintenance.

Lastly, there’s the durable choice of stone. They’re easy to clean, but you’ll need to re-seal annually. Some also dislike the limited options in terms of aesthetics, though stone and materials like it are becoming more expansive by the day.

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