References. People love them. Companies ask for them when dealing with a potential new employee. We ask them of contractors for kitchen renovation Perth, so we know what they’ve done before. We love to ask for references from the people we work with.

What we don’t usually know is what to do with those references.

The general idea is to ask a few questions, check to see if the work got done and if the crew do what they say they can do. However, the average person doesn’t have much of a clue beyond that. So let’s take a moment to think about that.

There are some questions that you must ask a renovation crew before you hire them. We’re going to show you the four you need to ask every reference they give you.

Important Questions to Ask

One of the most important and one that most people don’t realize is crucial, concerns habits.

Specifically, what were the habits of the contractor? Do they tend to leave behind a lot of clutter? Do they show up on time? Did the supervisor keep an eye on the people involved or was he hands-off? These things are important to know because it could affect performance.

The second question is whether or not the crew stayed on budget.

This includes a few sub-questions. It covers whether or not the materials arrived on time if they were the ones who acquired it. Did they keep you updated on the progress, including potential delays or if you’re ahead of schedule? If there is anything going to increase, was warning given?

It is also very important to ask whether or not anything went wrong.

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. While this is extreme, it is quite likely that at least one or two details will be problematic.

If something did go wrong, be sure to use a follow-up question. Ask how the problem was resolved. Ask how quickly that was done. These details are important because it is going to give you an idea of what you can expect if something goes wrong during your renovation project.

Finally, did the crew stick to the scope of the work and contract?

A good contract makes for an outline. Did they make any changes to the deal, such as new materials or details? Did they do everything as mandated by the contract? It is very important that the contractors stick to the contract.


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