The refrigerator is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. If it’s not in the kitchen itself, it’s something that’s close at hand. If you’re looking forward to a kitchen renovation Perth, that time can go hand in hand with an upgrade of the old ice box.

However, the average refrigerator takes years before it needs to be replaced. Technological standards may have moved in that time. The old rules might not be applicable.

If you’re renovating, you have to consider that too. The new appliance has to fit into the given space and not disrupt the flow of work. While it isn’t always the focal point, you might find it important to make it a central component of any kitchen design you go with.

Here are a few important factors.

First, let’s look at the range of the cost. This will be determined by things like design and small features. For instance, French doors with an expansive freezer might force you to go for a higher price range. In contrast, a smaller freezer and plainer design can lower it dramatically.

Type is also something to think about.

Do you want one that’s top-mounted? These are an economical choice, and quite practical for those concerned with space and budget. They offer minimal interior capacity, however, so they’re not ideal if you’re a large family or group in the space.

Another choice is the bottom-mounted. They offer similar space, but the main compartment is at eye-level for convenience. This makes them much easier to use, though the price range is a bit higher as well.

You might find these with French doors. This means that they’ve got two opposing half-doors instead of just one.

Side-by-side models are also available.

These have much greater interior space. They’re quite popular on the market, which contributes to having a higher price tag. They feature tall, slender doors that make them ideal for areas with little clearance. However, you’re losing horizontal shelf space for the freezer.

Features will vary based on needs and lifestyle. Some people want a sleek look, others are more interested in reliability and energy-efficiency. A through-the-door water filter and ice are essential for some, but not for others.

This is before you get into more advanced features. Things like Bluetooth connections or other advanced luxuries.

Finally, energy consumption is a crucial factor. The average residential model will gobble up a huge percentage of a home’s power needs. Using a newer, more efficient model can be huge savings.

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