It’s no secret that a kitchen (and bathroom) can sell a house. We want our kitchens to look dazzling and be beautiful but functional at the same time. If you’re looking to use Perth kitchen renovations to increase the value of a property, that’s a sound strategy.

However, the typical kitchen renovation Perth WA can be expensive. It’s a massive financial drain. Fortunately, all hope is not lost! There are ways to cut the costs.

Here are some ways you can cut costs on your Perth kitchen renovations.

First, you could do some of the work yourself. In particular, one of the major reasons cost and hours go up on a kitchen renovation Perth WA is demolition. If you do that yourself, you can save a decent amount of money.

Take out old cabinets and appliances. Tear up any flooring you want to be replaced. Demolition work takes up time and money, which you can save if you do it yourself.

If the renovation requires painting, consider doing that yourself too. Yes, this requires time and effort, but it also cuts away at the cost.

If a full-scale renovation is not in the cards for you, relax. Try something small-scale, like cabinets.

Cabinets can be wonderful things. If they’re in good shape, a repainting can do better than a replacement. If they’re in decent shape structurally but don’t look good anymore, you could save cash by sanding them and re-doing the surface. They’ll look brand new but cost a lot less.

You could also remove the cabinets entirely and go with open shelving or floating shelves. These also have the benefit of giving the illusion of more space, always a plus for a kitchen renovation Perth WA.

Look up and look down.

The floor is probably the busiest part of the kitchen, which in turn is the busiest part of the house. Vinyl tiles are a great choice because they’re low maintenance. They’re also spill-resistant. While there are cheaper options, the utility of vinyl (along with cork or laminate) saves on maintenance costs.

Smoke, dust, and even occasional food debris can make its way to the ceiling of a kitchen. To cut costs, you could scrape it off yourself. In fact, you’ll want that ceiling scraped clean before you do anything to it.

Finally, never underestimate the impact of lighting. Proper lighting can make a room so much better. Assuming you don’t need to rewire anything, just getting better light fixtures can do wonders without needing an expensive crew to do the job.

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