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Also referred to as white ants, termites are recognized to be a breed of pests which are found in the enclosed environment, which is composed of dirt along with partially digested cellulose. They feed on the cellulose materials after which they go back to their nests to make the other termites in the colony feed. These termites are responsible for colossal destruction to the buildings and burn a hole in your pocket. As evident from the above map, we are in one of the hot spots of termite infestation. They can invade your property without a proper invitation, ruining everything around you. Your home is located in Perth is prone to these pests.

Termite Guide to Home Owners in Beldon

Does your home have the termite barrier against the unwanted termites? It is a prerequisite to opt for the prerequisite protection of the property against these creepy pests and secure your valuable property. It would be best if you always keep in mind that till now, no insurance company across the country of Australia provides insurance covers, against the damage, caused by these pests. So, hence you need to take the right steps for Termite treatment Beldon to ensure that no harm is caused to your valuable property due to the affliction of these white ants.

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Signs of Termites

While a wide assortment of people has the notion that termites are found only in the months of summer and spring, it is not valid. These unwanted pests remain active to cause damage to your property throughout the year. Swarms contribute to being the notable sign of the invading of property by the activities of termites. You can save a lot of money if you are successful in detecting the presence of these pests at an early stage. Here is a list of some of the prominent signs that your home is infested with these pests:

Majority of the times, they create mud tubes or mud tunnels on the foundation of your home and other

The swarmer is another sign which indicates the presence of these creatures in the premise. Swarmer are reproductive termites which create new colonies while taking flights. Many times, they are caught in the spider webs around the door frames and windows around the home.

Distorted paint and cracks are other symbols of the presence of these pests.

In case you hear a hollow sound from the wood after tapping it, there are risks that from the inside out, these unwanted white ants are consuming the wood.

Did you witness the presence of termites in your home recently? Without wasting a single moment, reach out to Termite Treatment Perth WA to get a free termite inspection. We have gained high prominence as one of the top service providers of termite pest removal. 90% of the termite removal jobs, we accomplish, involve eradicating these pests from door frames, window frames, cupboards, floor skirtings, walls, roof, kitchen area and other parts of your home. Do not worry if these pests are situated in the outer part of the house, like a garden, wood house fences, trees, lying wood in the yard, as we are capable of wiping them out of your premise as well. We also help to throw these creatures from the office’s bottom part. Our office is located in the Perth Metro city of Western Australia.

If you are willing to book building and termite inspections Beldon at absolutely free of cost, you can contact our pest control experts at (08) 9468 8071.

Did you find the signs of termites in your house?

In case you have discovered the appearance of these unwanted pests in your home, you should have sure to follow the below rules:

Do not spray

While the use of sprays might kill few of the termites, you hit, and they are not going to eradicate these pests from the roots. These sprays, found in the market are not sufficient for destroying the nests, and hence there are high chances that these pests will return after some time.

Do not touch

In case you think that you have found signs of termites Beldon, do not disturb them. Please do not attempt investigating them. As you break the mud tubes, you might end up in scaring them. As a result, it will be more challenging to diagnose the issue or choose remedial treatments.

Stop worrying

It would help if you always remember that worrying is not going to get you free from the grips of these pests. So, instead of worrying, it would be a good idea to reach out to us. At Termite Treatment Perth WA, we have a team of dedicated pest control specialists who will inform about the various kinds of options of termite treatment, we offer. To receive free quotes on termite control, you can contact our termite expert Beldon at (08) 9468 8071.

Termite Control Solutions in City Beach

Chemical-based treatment


They are the traditional kind of pest control solutions, which are inclusive of a vast array of the pyrethroids. They are known to be the human-made copies of Pyrethrum group of low toxicity. Bifenthrin happens to be the most common kind of pyrethroid termiticide which are useful in repelling the termites actively. The best thing about these chemicals is that while it is capable of repelling the termites actively, human beings find it odorless. Termite Treatment Perth WA brings to you the best in class repellent termiticides, which can keep these unwanted pests away from the house. Our pest exterminators use these repellent termiticides for throwing out the termites at the pre-construction phase. These products generate a termite barrier around the building. Once our pest control experts apply the repellent chemicals in the specific areas, it is turned into the no-go region for the white ants. To achieve complete success in keeping these pests away, our pest control experts make sure to apply the termite barrier treatment Beldon in the unbroken areas across different foundations. The natives of Beldon have become a massive fan of our repellent chemical solutions is because they are going to last for several years. We provide a warranty for 3-5 years on these chemical treatment solutions. It can offer aid even if you reapply less. Besides this, you can avail them at the least cut off from the pocket.


It is another type of termite control solution; our pest removal experts use for the complete eradication of the white ants from the building. These chemicals do not repel the termites. The termites cannot understand their attendance in the soil. Hence, they walk into the treated zone and get contaminated. The chances that the termites will go through the untreated region, instead of the treated area are minimal. No wonder, these termiticides are available at a higher rate, as compared to the natural repellent chemicals, available in the market. We have a made a vast portfolio of the clients over the years by offering 8-10 years warranty on our non-repellent termite control solutions. However, the conditions might differ according to the design and structure of the house. Apart from this, the Termidor treatment solution has got an incredible fan base since the company provides a warranty of 2 million.

Between repellent and non-repellent solutions, which is better?

At Termite Treatment Perth WA, we do not include any termiticide which is smelly or solvent-based. We sell odorless and water-based termiticides for making your home free from the unwanted guests. Customers decide on the pest control solution they want, according to the charges, toxicity, and durability.

If you ask, we made a choice, based on the below-mentioned factors

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Termite Barrier (Concrete Slab)

Termite Treatment + Barrier (Concrete Slab)

Termite Treatment + Barrier (Subfloor)

Inground Baiting stations

In this technique, our pest removal specialists use Hexaflumuron, which hinders the capabilities of the white ants to generate skin substance, the chitin. After the termites consume these bait materials, set by our experts, they end in transferring these chitin synthesis inhibitors, the Hexaflumuron, across the whole colony, through trophallaxis. Owing to this, they lose their ability to produce skin substance. As a result, they die, and thus the whole colony of the termites is removed from your home.

Above Ground Baiting Stations

It has become widely popular as a proven approach to control the termites. It removes the termite colonies by enticing them to create their feeding site within the ground baiting stations. To know more on this topic, you can reach us at (08) 9468 8071.


The dusting technique involves the use of Termidor Dry, which offers outstanding results when it comes to controlling the termites. It boasts of BASF patented Microllose formulation which assures that the formulation flows across the mist termite galleries without any build-up and accumulation. The fantastic contact performance, improved flowability and wonderful palatability confer an incredible Termidor Transfer effect.


Foaming includes a unique formulation of dry foam and fipronil of about 0.05g per kg. The product allows the powerful Termidor Transfer effect to work, instead of killing it too quickly. Hence, our pest control experts use it to eradicate stage 1 termite colonies.

Reticulation System

It is regarded as a suitable solution for new constructions and already built homes. After the pipes are laid on the ground, the pest control termites Beldon experts put the prerequisite chemicals through the pipes under pressure. Now, they place the perimeter barrier across the structure of your home, preventing the entry of termites in your home.

Termite Shield

It is another efficient termite treatment solution; our pest removal experts use before the construction of the building only.

Termite Inspection Services in Beldon

Termite Treatment Perth WA introduces the best in class termite inspection services across different regions of Beldon. If you have found active termites in your home, our professionals will reach your home to conduct a thorough inspection.

Termite Inspection Beldon

If you have not accomplished the termite inspection City Beach services in your home for a while, you can call us. Our termite control experts will reach the destination, no sooner after the booking. If you have not done the termite inspection services for a long time, you can choose our services.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Beldon

If you are planning to buy a home, you can choose our Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Beldon services. Here, we perform a thorough inspection of the different parts of the building, you intend to buy, after which we make a full report and certificate, regarding the conditions.

Pre-sale Termite Inspection City Beach

As a homeowner, you need to go for a Pre-sale Termite Inspection Beldon to get the true value of the property. It is beneficial to the consumers to save their precious time. You will get the opportunity to rectify all the problems. It is better to hire the pest removal solutions of Termite Treatment Perth WA in this regard to ensure that the property is not invaded with these unwanted pests.

Under what conditions, am I eligible for a free termite inspection?

You can go for termite inspection services at free of cost, if.

  • You have detected termite damage in the house
  • There are signs of the presence of these pests in the building
  • You are willing to go for a preventive termite solution to secure the house

Frequently Asked Question

Do the white ants feed on treated pine?

While the termites are not going to consume treated pine, they might use the treated logs as footings as the bridge for making an entry into the building.

How fast can the white ants infest your house?

The termite colonies mature fully within the duration of 3-5 years. While it is not possible to calculate the exact duration of the infestation, it takes somewhere between 3-8 years to show up the damage.

Are termite control solutions safe for the family?

The termite protection barrier Beldon, we offer, is not toxic. So, it is secure for the kids, pets and other members of your family.