The kitchen is one of the crucial centres of the home. It’s where you prepare food, entertain crowds, and maybe spend time with old friends or family conversations. This room tends to act as a gathering place in most homes, almost on par with the living room.

It’s why more than one household has spent money on kitchen renovations Perth. However, that kind of money is hard to come by. Renovations and remodels are expensive.

So here are a few ways you can upgrade your kitchen, improve the aesthetics, without spending too much money or time.

Replacing your hardware is a game changer and often happens even outside kitchen renovations Perth. This isn’t just the appliances, but also things like cabinets. You can make changes to them, even small ones, and be amazed at how it can improve things overall.

A little work on the walls works too for minor kitchen renovations Perth.

Kitchen walls are known for getting grimy and greasy. Dirt gets on them pretty quickly. It can make space feel dreary and unwelcoming. Adding colour like grey or blue can be helpful because they improve the area and the overall mood.

Alternately, you can use wallpaper on the walls. These should be the sort that’s easy to wipe down, to avoid permanent stains.

Tired cabinets can be refreshed and renewed, especially if they’re just tired rather than broken.

A new coat of paint is a good start. White high gloss can help brighten a mood, for instance. Bold colours can add a new vibrancy to the look, while darker shades can give a more vibrant, more masculine feel. Be sure to consider your light sources if you go with a darker look, though.

You could also look at new countertops. These are actually among the most affordable things you can upgrade in a kitchen.

There’s no quick way to change a countertop. You can choose to paint them, but it’s not always the best move. You could use a new material or design. Wood, cork, laminates, and concrete are all viable options. Marble, granite, and other stones are more on the expensive end, though.

Finally, a simple upgrade is to add more storage space. Kitchens always need more storage.

Modifying existing storage is one way to go, adding more space or organisation. A vertical rack is also a good idea and won’t take up a lot of space. You can always use new cupboards, too.

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